My name is Brian Backman, and I teach 11th Advanced Placement English Language and Composition at Anacortes High School in Washington.

This blog is two blogs in one.

WORD DAYS is a daily blog for writers and word lovers.  It ties a daily historical event to something that relates to language or rhetoric.  For teachers and students, each entry also offers a writing challenge.  Each day of the year is given a name, such as “Poe Toaster Day,” “Personification Day,” or “Compose a Novel First Line Day”

THINKER’S ALMANAC is a daily memo for anyone with a brain.  It ties a daily historical “event” to a “subject” from philosophy, psychology, or cognitive science.  The mission of this blog is to be a kind of user’s guide to the brain, providing daily insights into how we can expand our understanding of how we think and apply this understanding to better thinking.

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