May 5: Five Out of Five Day

On this fifth day of the fifth month of the year, we should pause to consider things that come in 5s.  We remember the five-second rule, the five Olympic rings, the five sides of a pentagon, the five points of a star, and the five Ws (Who, What, When, Why, and Where).  We also remember the Jackson Five, Slaughterhouse Five, high fives, “Pleading the Fifth,” and the five-paragraph essay.  We also remember, remember the fifth of November, Cinco de Mayo, “this quintessence of dust,” V for Vendetta, and the five men who have held the rank of five-star general in the U.S. Army:  Generals Marshall, MacArthur, Eisenhower, Arnold, and Bradley.

Yes, lots of things are associated with five, and lots of things come in fives.  Given the five members of the ten separate categories below, see if you can identify the title for each of the Famous Five categories below:



  • center, point guard, shooting guard, power forward, small forward
  • Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
  • Sight, touch, taste, smell, hearing
  • Thumb, index/pointer, middle, ring, pinky
  • Maggie, Lisa, Bart, Marge, Homer
  • Shooting, swimming, equestrian, fencing, running
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Composite, Tuscan
  • Acheron, Cocytus, Phlegethon, Lethe, Styx
  • Huron, Superior, Michigan, Ontario, Erie

Today’s Challenge:  Five Out of Five on 5/5

What are some categories of people, places, or things you could rate using a five-star rating system?  Select a general category; then, generate a list of at least five members of that category.  

Example Categories:

Mythical Creatures, Birthday Traditions, Ad Slogans, School Rules, Days of the Week, Aspects of a Bowling Alley, Inventions That Changed History, Homecoming Traditions, Scary Food, Punctuation Marks, Cartoon Characters, My Bucket List, Annual Events, Things That Come in Five, Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Best Stephen King Novels, Breeds of Dog, Song for Getting Motivated, Best SAT Vocabulary Words, Best Quotations of Just Five Words, Best Places to Go That Are Less Than Five Miles Away

Then, write your subjective assessment of each member of the category along with a rating.  Of course, on 5/5 it makes sense to use a five-pointed star system for your ratings. (Common Core Writing 1 – Argument)

Quotation of the Day:  Little strokes fell great oaks. -Benjamin Franklin

ANSWERS:  1-5 Basketball Positions, 2-First 5 Books of the Old Testament (The Pentateuch), 3-The 5 Senses, 4-The 5 Fingers, 5-The 5 Members of the Simpsons Family, 6-The 5 Events in the Modern Pentathlon, 7-The 5 Weekdays, 8-The 5 Classical Orders of Architecture , 9-The 5 Rivers of Hades, 10-The 5 Great Lakes